Frank Simon, Music Director 1981-1982

R. Frank Simon
Frank Simon served as the first Music Director of the Austin Symphonic Band from Summer 1981 through June 1982. At that time, the band was called the New River City Wind Ensemble.

Frank Simon attended the University of Texas at Austin where he studied percussion with George Frock. He is also a former student of percussionist Mitchell Peters.

While at the University of Texas, Mr. Simon studied orchestral conducting with A. Clyde Roller and Cornelius Eberhardt. He also studied opera conducting with Walter Ducloux, Kelly Hale, and William Reber and choral conducting with Alaire Lowry. He has conducted the University of Texas Symphony, the UT Opera Theater, and musical theater in the UT Theater and Dance Department.

Mr. Simon was a member of the 236th Army Band and 49th Armored Division Band, Texas Army National Guard from 1973 through 1996. In 1984 he became the Commander/Conductor of the 49th Armored Division Band and directed the band until his retirement in 1996. While he was commander, the 49th Division Band toured Italy and South Australia. He retired from the Texas Army National Guard in 1996 as a Chief Warrant Officer.

Mr. Simon has been a professional sound and recording engineer since 1972. He was a mobile recording engineer for Reelsound Recording Company in Manchaca, Texas, and assisted in the design of Reelsound’s first multitrack mobile recording truck. He was consultant and sound engineer for the Austin Symphony Orchestra from 1976 to 1984. He is the Technical Services Manager for Recording Services in the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Simon has over twenty-five years of service to the University of Texas.